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Target the right audience with SEO. Let's be honest. You know what you want but aren't sure how to obtain it. That's something our SEO experts hear time and time again from SEO clients that contact Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. We, like SEO, are never at a standstill. Because there are many Google algorithm modifications each year that affect ranking variables, SEO is always evolving, and we stay on top of the newest news and trends. To keep ahead of the curve, our search engine optimization team is always learning new tactics and remaining current. Rest confident that our SEO approach is proactive rather than reactive. At Parken, we've been providing SEO services to companies looking to grow their web presence, generate more leads, and increase income. Many of our clients have experienced success as a consequence of our tried-and-true SEO strategies and practises.

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SEO Services We Offer

Our team of SEO experts provide you end-to-end services ranging from helping with optimizing the website, solving the technical issues, helping your keywords rank, and making you the most linkable source of information. Our SEO services are a testament to the strategic merger of what Google wants and what your customers need from your digital platform. We help you rank on top of the SERPs.

SEO audit

Our team of SEO experts specialize in running a complete audit of your website, ensuring that no stone gets left unturned when it comes to what is working and what should be made better. We ensure that we run a complete diagnosis of your platform, which would result in a comprehensive list of what has to be changed.

SEO consulting

We provide a thorough SEO consulting service where we help you understand where you stand today and what you can achieve in x timeline. Our team of consultants help you prepare a roadmap to Google success. The intent of our consulting services is to help you understand what can be expected from your website performance and how to get there.

SEO content creation

Our team of content writers know SEO at the back of their hand. They know every trick of the book to curate content that doesn't just rank higher but also gets the maximum backlink. We know how to prepare content that gets read and bookmarked while having the right set of mechanics to make it rank on the SERPs.

Local SEO Services

We ensure that your business becomes the go-to brand of your locality. The efforts we put in behind localized SEO planning, makes you the first name in all the 'near me' search queries around your offering. Our team is specializes in local search algorithms, we know every secret to up your ranking on *City/Area name* keywords for your specific service offerings.

Full suite SEO

Our team of SEO experts specialize in end to end offerings. We don't just run a site audit but also work towards the objective and track the performance, ensuring that you are getting the best returns. We ensure that your brand gets the maximum backlinks, keyword visibility, and multi-source traffic that it deserves.

Link building

We use our wide network of journalists and editors across every industry to make sure your content is getting all the visibility it deserves in the form of a link. We make you the most link-worthy resource. What augments it further is that our team of content writers know how to make link-worthy content that gets the world’s attention.

Ecommerce SEO

Starting an eCommerce brand can be difficult. We help you cut through the noise by making your website products rank on top in the SERPs across regions. Our team of experts don’t just optimize your website to become SEO friendly but we also bring it on the Google shopping tab for quick, easy visibility.

Mobile SEO

At Parken, it is always mobile over desktop. We believe this is where the future of SEO is headed and we get you to that future. Our multi-platform experts ensure that your digital platform is prepared for the needs of the mobile users through strategies ranging from AMP to mobile-friendly media optimization, and responsiveness.

On-page & Off page SEO

We specialize in both on-page and off-page optimization of your digital platform. Our team ensures that your brand gets recognized as a high authority platform both on and off the website. We incorporate the best strategies from solving technical on-page issues and optimization of content to performing link-building activities off-page to ensure that your website has a complete 360 degree support.

Voice search optimization

We integrate best in class voice search functionality into your platform, ensuring that it becomes the first name that pops when someone calls for a service or product. Our team of voice search experts specialize in writing content that would show up every time someone makes a conversational query, making your website rank on top.

Landing page optimization

Our team of web designers, SEO experts, content writers, and developers together build a landing page which is a conversion magnet. We ensure that the page becomes the top source of SQLs for your brand and helps you achieve your year on year lead, revenue targets, by being the one that solves customers’ queries in one place.

Online Reputation Management

In the heavily crowded digital space, it is easy for businesses to lose their voice or get misinterpreted. We apply the best in class ORM strategies to ensure your brand message is aligned with your objectives. Our team of reputation experts blend the power of SEO and PR together to turn the messaging in your favor.

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Complete client satisfaction

Your satisfaction from our work is our primary modus operandi.

Full performance tracking

You will always know how the project is moving in real-time.

Long-term success

The efforts we put in today will show its impact forever.