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Our Passion is to help you Grow Your Online Business. At Parken, our simple aim is to increase brand mentions online. We achieve this goal by acquiring internet placements through targeted media relationships. In terms of practise, our Digital PR best practise is straightforward: do what you're comfortable with for a site you own and control. Digital PR is a type of SEO marketing that aims to improve a company's online presence. Traditional PR differs from digital PR in that it is conducted entirely online. Brand mentions in print magazines, radio interviews, and TV appearances are all priorities in traditional PR. To put it another way, Digital PR is an internet service that values external backlinks, brand mentions, and brand awareness. Google Sheets, LinkedIn, Majestic, WordPress, Gmail, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, PitchBox, Tineye, and other digital PR tools are just a few examples.

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Services We Offer

Social media is overcrowded. One scroll and your post will be lost forever. What it needs to become a sharable profile is a well-thought of strategy around creativity, best SEO practices, and a strong visibility plan. At Parken, we specialise in making this strategy. We can help you build a strong digital presence with a high engagement count - all the back of our SMO services.

Social media audit

Our team of social media analysts dive into your digital presence and identify the gaps in the profiles and make a plan on what can be done to augment them. We ensure that you have insights into what is stopping your brand from becoming the most viral, engaging profile of your industry sector.

SEO consulting

We provide a thorough SEO consulting service where we help you understand where you stand today and what you can achieve in x timeline. Our team of consultants help you prepare a roadmap to Google success. The intent of our consulting services is to help you understand what can be expected from your website performance and how to get there.

Competitor analysis

We make a list of your direct and indirect competitors and run an in-depth analysis of what they are doing on social, what is working for them, and what they are missing on. We then use this information to run a SWOT analysis on your profile along with a plan on how to use these data points for your advantage.

SMO strategy

Based on both your social media audit and your competitors’ analysis, we create a social strategy around the kind of posts, frequency, plans around making the posts viral, and engagement strategies. We ensure that this strategy is not set in stone and is agile enough to change with the changing market trends.

Social media content creation

We make frequent posts for your social media profiles based on what the competitors are doing, what your customers need, and the individual brand voice. A mix of these elements cover the grounds from all fronts, ensuring that your brand remains helpful and trendy at all times - something that we manage through a dedicated social media calendar.

Social media monitoring

As part of our SMO services, we track and monitor your social media performance on a regular basis. We constantly monitor what is working for your brand, what should be tweaked, and what can be done better. Our team ensures that we follow a proactive approach in terms of brand engagement and virality.

Profile creation

We specialise in making brand profiles across all the major and up coming platforms so that your brand gets visibility on every platform the customers can frequent. Our team adds in all the right sets of SEO strategies ensuring that the profile is also ready for getting ranked on search engines.

Why Choose Parken for SMO Services?

Social media marketing is difficult. What makes it all the more complex is the fact that the platforms are crowded with posts and Ads.
We make the process ROI driven for you by using strategies and creativity that is bound to increase the engagement.

Dedicated marketing support

The moment you are onboarded, you become our center focus.

Complete client satisfaction

Your satisfaction from our work is our primary modus operandi.

Full performance tracking

You will always know how the project is moving in real-time.

Long-term success

The efforts we put in today will show its impact forever.